THNAT is the story of a little creature who finds himself isolated and alone. As he tries to make friends, he becomes more and more grateful for the one passerby who stops to listen and care.


This book speaks to the fundamental values of acceptance and sympathy – simply listening with an open heart and being there for another can change the world as we know it.


At age 13, Nicole Martin wrote THNAT in an attempt to understand and verbalize some of the challenging experiences of her life. As a child, she was frequently left out or bullied because she looked different from everyone else, including during a summer camp where kids would smear peanut butter in her hair and throw seeds at her. She has always been immensely thankful for the few people in her life who bothered to look deeper than the skin, and wanted to highlight their positive impact with this book, clearly inspired by the tone of Dr. Seuss.


This story was modified slightly for a school assignment in 2002, and her friend Krissy helped with illustrations. In 2020, Nicole revisited the original story and released this edited version. 

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