How do you change the world? Listening and being there for another in need.

Here are some great resources from around the world to aid the conversation and action around loneliness, bullying and what it means to be a community.

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is more than a phone hotline, it is an example of a community coming together to prioritize each other, with 79% of their costs funded by the community directly and content which benefits millions of lives outside their borders. I recommend browsing this site not just as an individual in the time of need for a resource, but looking at it from the lens as a community member and the many ways of addressing someone in your own community with a more appropriate and helpful tone, curiosity and verbiage.


Recovery Village

Dedicated to the treatment of addiction, substance abuse and mental health disorders, The Recovery Village understands health is more than dealing with the aftereffects, it's important to have education and support in the very early stages of any life situation to best prevent hardships later on. This site is a reminder that children absorb so much of their environment, and the little positive things we do today does lead to a greater impact for those around us.

Center for Healthy Minds

As part of one of the world’s top research institutions, the Center for Healthy Minds investigates the neuroscience behind what constitutes a healthy mind and brings their insights to schools, communities and workplaces around the globe. While the information, groups and events found on this site can be immensely helpful for any age, their work of healthy minds in children is extraordinary and should be used as a staple in all early childhood development.

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