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A New Meaning of Courage

Knowledge and Understanding Come from Sharing

One of the greatest struggles of my life, mentally and emotionally, is ironically one of my greatest qualities. On the one hand I advocate being there for someone, but on the other hand I often inhibit someone being there for me. Finding or asking for support is a very vulnerable and raw space, yet a space we could find ourselves in at any given moment. The struggle for me is that I have to tell myself it’s not a negative, it’s extremely beautiful to allow the grasp of my inner loneliness to create a new meaning of courage. In this essence, the notion of “resource” took on a new hat and became “opportunity”.

It’s only natural for this blog to highlight some key resources every month, and I’ll begin with one community creating a solid impact across Australia. This highlight is for my younger self, for the little girl who felt inner strength meant how well she could hold it all inside. I am in love with this resource and its ability to approach so many levels of hurt that can apply to every age group. It also showcases stories from youth taking their own courageous steps to share their personal struggle and words of wisdom. Here's a few excerpts, but the heart and soul is felt when reading the entirety of their short stories and how their lives were changed by simple acts of love and care.

“Family and friends supporting me made all the difference.” -Caitlyn, 15

“Until… someone pulled me out, gave me a hug and reassured me, that hope is never lost and that light never fades.” -Saliha, 18

“I have learned to not let negative thoughts take over your life, but to break out of the bubble and find someone that you trust to talk to.” -Georgia, 16

“It makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone in this stress and depression rollercoaster.” -Ally, 14

“I realized that I'm not the only person suffering.

I didn't have to deal with it alone.” -Georgia, 13

Our crave for connection, for shared experiences, for feeling like we’re not alone is founded on the need to be seen. The world is challenging enough as it is, why should we let each other add to the challenges when each and every person could create opportunities to show love and care instead? Kids Helpline is more than a phone hotline, it is an example of a community coming together to prioritize each other, with 79% of their costs funded by the community directly and content which benefits millions of lives outside their borders. I recommend browsing this site not just as an individual in the time of need for a resource, but looking at it from the lens as a community member and the many ways of addressing someone in your own community with a more appropriate and helpful tone, curiosity and verbiage.

Check it out for yourself at kidshelpline.com.au and may we all initiate positive changes wherever we go.


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